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Firebird is a short side-scrolling platformer inspired by the Russian folktale "Tsarevitch Ivan, the Firebird and the Gray Wolf".

A kingdom's pride and joy has been stolen! Enter Yvanna, a young kitchen servant who claims to have witnessed the theft.

 As Yvanna you'll track a mythical firebird through an idyllic forest that quickly becomes more dangerous than it appears. 


  • Unique levels & platformer gameplay
  • Detailed hand-drawn art & assets
  • Emphasis on aesthetics and atmosphere

General Information:

  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows
  • Release:  18/06/2019
  • Price:  Free!


I am a first year student from Media Design School in New Zealand. Firebird is my first time programming anything and as such I hope players can forgive any issues or bugs. 

I may or may not develop the game further, but currently I am satisfied with the build I have.

Thank you to anyone who gives it a try!

Please contact me through my student email at Caroline.Tom8444@mediadesign.school.nz if you have any comments or questions!



Firebird Game.zip 20 MB